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10/20/08 Update*

Money Making Opportunity:

In the course of making music, we need to eat, right?  Well, you can't put time into your music while working the 9 to 5, it's just not gonna happen.  Trust me I know from personal experience.  Working for the man drains your musical soul!  Creative people need to find creative ways to make money and have free time so here's what's working for me:

Juice Hustler is the way to go if you're into being healthy and making money.  It's all about Mona Vie, which if you don't know what it is you're living under a rock.  It's the fastest growing company and they pay VERY well.  If you like talking to people and want to make big bucks, this is it.

Vetraceuticals.  Yeah it has a funny name but if you have pets or know somebody that does, you can make some serious cash.  It's a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats and they'll pay you to find people to use it.  Every 5 dogs you find gets you a quick $200 plus 20% every month.  People love their pets and this stuff makes 'em live longer so everybody wants it!


Three awesome music products

Those of you who know me, know that I'm on quest to get myself signed and help all of you do the same in the process (good karma here). I've recently come across two awesome products that you've got to try. The people already in the know recommend these programs because quite simply THEY WORK!

Music Gorilla is a KICK ASS service for anyone who's serious about their music and getting it heard.  They get real people like you and me in front of people we wouldn't find otherwise.  These are the RIGHT PEOPLE, the ones that decide who gets famous and who goes home empty handed.  Highly recommended and definitely worth the money!

The Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook is all about how to promote yourself or your band. The recording industry has changed and the record company execs don't care anything about your music, all they care about is many records you'll sell and how much money you'll bring. So, you'd better have a huge following if you want a record deal. Well, this book will show you how to do it. Step by step you'll learn how get people to listen to your music and build your fan base. If you want to be famous, you're gonna need fans!

Once you have fans, you'll need to find the right people that can make it happen for you. That's were the Indie Bible comes in. It will give you all the connections you need get your band noticed and GET YOU SIGNED! It's a 320 page directory that's designed to get you exposure in the recording industry.

Stop being a loser and playing in your grandmother's basement. Get off you ass and make something happen. If you want "fame and fortune and everything that goes with it"(Queen) then you're gonna need some help and this is where you get it! Keep Rockin!


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