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  • Music Gorilla
    To help Bands, Musicians, artists and songwriters get their original material into the eyes and ears of industry members who have the ability to take their careers to the next level.

  • Indie Bible
    The ONLY comprehensive directory of music industry websites in the world.

    Music promotion and internet publicity for musicians.

  • Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook
    201 Self-Promotion Tips For Songwriters, Musicians And Bands On A Budget.

  • A & R Online
    Get a record deal, record labe A&R contacts, deals, contracts and more.

  • Trax Music Promotion
    Get Your Music Heard in Commercials and TV!

    TAXI’s Music Biz FAQs contain songwriting tips, music-business information, and articles on Film & TV Music placement.

  • Addicted to Songwriting
    Do you write songs? You'll find great songwriter info at Addicted to Songwriting, which includes interviews, links and articles on songwriting.

  • Audio Recording Center
    Want to get some awesome recording software? Trick out your home studio? Find a recording studio? See Audio Recording Center.

  • Record Labels & Companies Guide
    The difference between Majors and Indie Labels? Explore what's right for your music at Record Labels and Companies guide.

  • Rikk's Revues
    Music CD and DVD Reviews from Rikks Revues. Concert Tickets, Indie music news, artist resources, link exchange and much more!!

  • The Bandmaker USA
    The BandMaker is a site run by musicians for musicians. We have a database of musicians and bands to suit all tastes from rap to gospel.

  • MP3 Unsigned , the best new mp3 music from up and coming bands

  • Music Link Exchange

  • Sojournstar Music
    Travelers In Time And Space * Exploring The Universe For Music

  • Music Biz
    For Independent Musicians in the Business of Selling, Promoting or Doing Music on the Internet

  • LiveClub
    Dedicated to the UK music scene and unsigned musicians.

  • Music Contracts 101: The World's #1 Supplier of Fill-In-The Blank Recording Contracts and More!
    Music Contracts 101 is the world's largest provider of music contracts, recording contracts and other do it yourself resources for Musicians, Record Labels, Managers, Indie Artist and others in the independent music business. Visit Our Site Now!

  • Home Music Recording
    Discover Home Music Recording - Find out how to select and use home music recording software, free recording tips, sound mixers, mics, cables, mic stands, studio monitors and professional headphones

  • Vetracueticals
    Nutrional supplements for your pet.

  • Vetra Business opportunity
    Make money telling other people about pet nutrional supplements.

  • Juice Hustler
    Make A LOT of money sharing the juice!

  • My Turn 4 Bux
    Money making opportunity for lazy people who already have some cash in their pockets.


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