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If you are in an unsigned band and are serious about getting signed, you must read this!



OK, let's cut the crap and get down to it. There are thousands of bands out there who want to make it big in the recording industry. What are you going to do that's going to set you apart from them? If you're like most bands, the answer is NOTHING!  Nobody is going to hand you a record deal.  Nobody cares how many shows your friends came to because you begged them to show up. The music industry is just like any other's about MONEY.  How much are you going to bring to the table?  The record companies want to know that you are going to bring in money for them otherwise they don't care about you.

If my tone is too harsh for you than maybe you should leave now.  Those that stay are the ones that want a recording contract and are serious about being successful.  Stop making excuses and get your music heard.  It's time to get off your ass and stop playing in your grandmother's basement!  Don't become a victim!  These bastards will take advantage of you just to make a buck.

I've researched almost every website, company, forum, and service I could find looking for the best information about how to get signed and let me tell you......most of them SUCK!  They're usually selling a bunch of BS to ignorant bands that don't know any better.  The majority of people out there claiming to "help" are total frauds.  After digging up information on these companies and talking to people who had used their services I was pissed.  Many of these so-called "referral" sites had little or no legitimate connections to the record companies.  The artist's music never made it out of the mailroom or website hardrives.  How can these people charge hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to musicians who are risking everything to get a recording contract and make it to the big time?!  Through this research , I've repeatedly found:

  • no real industry connections
  • complicated, confusing websites
  • outrageous claims
  • out-dated information
  • non-working links
  • useless help sections
  • little or no support


 Would you trust these f**ckers to get you a record deal?

And who am I?  What's in it for me?  You're talking to bitter musician here who's been screwed over by the music industry and its bloodsucking agents and managers.  These bastards took advantage of me so it's my turn to give 'em a little payback.  How do I do that? By keeping as much money as I can out of their pockets and helping as many unsigned bands as I can steer clear of these a**holes.  I'm letting you in on the little known resources that will actually get you signed without spending your life savings or having to live out of your van eating ramen noodles every night.

Don't be an idiot..... the days of playing empty little bars and sending your demo to record companies is over.  This is the digital music age and record companies are losing money so they're certainly not going to throw any of it at you "hoping" you'll sell records.  It's all about promotion now. The bands that have the most fans already listening to their music (can you say internet) are the ones that get the recording contracts. They only bet on sure things these days so don't expect them to gamble on your music career.

I've put together the BEST music resources you can find ANYWHERE but if you're like most bands, you won't you use them. You'll continue doing things your way and telling your friends you're gonna be famous while your flipping burgers at your local Mickey D's.  That's OK, it leaves more opportunities for the rest of us to make it. Remember that, when you buy nosebleed seats to your next concert instead of standing on the stage!!!  See you at the top.

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